Cute Ways To Make Pets A Part Of The Big Day

A wedding is a big day for everyone involved, but the most emotional energy is going to be received and exuded by the bride and groom. This is certainly a good thing, but in order to ensure that the energy being exuded by the couple is what it should be, then everyone that couple values the most has to be included.

So how would it feel to either the bride or the groom if their pet couldn’t be a part of their big day? And people shouldn’t assume that the pet is automatically going to be a dog. It can be a cat in some cases. Pets are such an integral part of so many people’s lives. They provide companionship, comfort and a sense of unconditional love.
Pets A Part Of The Big Day

Heck, the pet a person has might have been the companion that kept a person in high spirits while they were waiting for that special someone to show up. Now that this has happen and it’s the big day, why should the pet be left out of the equation?

Pets are so emotionally involved with their owners that the term “owner” is seen as being offensive when referring to themselves in regards to their pets. Pets are looked at as family and all the same feelings afforded a family member are extended to a pet. Including them in the wedding only makes sense.

So the question becomes exactly how should this be done? Is there a way to do it where it can be seen as cute and not over the top? A couple including pets on their big day in a way that will come off well is all about being creative. Here are a couple of creative, but simple ways to do this. Read more

Something Borrowed-Is It Important Who That Someone Is The Bride Would Be Borrowing It From?

Following wedding traditions is something that seems to be going out of fashion. The reason for this is because people don’t want to feel like they’re bound by old rules. Couples these days want to make fun and new traditions. It may not even be about making new traditions more than it is simply about not feeling like old conventions absolutely must be adhered to.

Some conventions carry a significant meaning though. The wearing something borrowed, something new, something blue and a sixpence in the shoe seems to be something that a lot of brides to be truly believe in. The “something borrowed” part of this is where it gets tricky for so many brides. Just what’s supposed to be worn that’s borrowed? Even more important would be who is it going to come from and does it even matter?

something borrowed something blue

Well several married women were asked about this and why they felt the “who” the something borrowed came from was so crucial. It can be looked at like this. Say that a bride is really looking forward to married life. She may or may not have come from a family where she saw a long lasting marriage. In any case, a bride will want to take measures to ensure as much positive energy as possible or good luck moving forward as she enters married life.

If this sounds a little confusing it can be broken down a little better if an example is used in order to create better understanding. Let’s say that someone wins a multimillion dollar lottery jackpot. Wouldn’t the friends or even random strangers in general who see the winner on a frequent basis want to know what they did? Wouldn’t they want to have a little of that good fortune rub off on them?

Would the store they went to in order to purchase the ticket all of a sudden experience an influx of people coming there to purchase tickets, believing that some of the luck will rub off on them? Well it has to be assumed that none of this is lost on brides to be if they are going to adhere to the “something borrowed” rule. So to answer the question, yes it does indeed matter who the “something borrowed” comes from. Here’s why. Read more

Is There Any Difference Between A Cotillion and a Debutante Ball


When people think of cotillions and Debutante Ball’s at first it would seem like there’s no real difference between the two. Both seem to be formal affairs that feature well-dressed young men and women coming of age. These are considered to be rites of passage events and a lot of preparation goes into them. Both a cotillion and debutante Ball are strongly linked with Southern culture, but they are practiced in various parts of the country. These events are considered to be high society and are put on typically by well off families.
Difference Between A Cotillion and a Debutante Ball

In any case while these two events might seem the same to someone observing them, there are distinct differences.  Before we get into it we can take a look at one primary difference. A debutante ball is for young women within a certain age range while a cotillion isn’t necessary limited to a certain age range.  For instance, people have cotillions to celebrate spring. Now let’s get more into things.

The Cotillion

First we have to take a close look at where the word cotillion comes from. When you first hear the word it brings up images of some things associated with the military. The word originated in 18th century England as well as France.  The word was used while describing a dance performed in a group that is said to be the dance that came before the square dance. Read more

Wedding Ceremony Speeches Versus Wedding Reception Comedy Roasts

If people at a wedding reception could have little thought bubbles over their heads when speeches and toasts were being given, then they probably would show snooze signs. Not that the goal would be to offend. It’s just that at wedding receptions the guests tend to expect more of a festive atmosphere. Speeches are great, but a couple that’s planning to get married soon might want to give careful thought to other forms of entertainment.

chicago wedding speech

Yes, entertainment. That’s what guests expect at a wedding reception, on top of some emotional moments. And one great option for this is to have a comedy roast of the bride and groom.  This may sound like a disaster in the making at first, but if done right it can actually provide a ton of laughs, let some of the formal element out of the room and get people to let loose and relax.

Take the example of Rose for instance. Rose was a bride who had always been kind of sensitive when it came to these kinds of things. The idea of having someone standing on a stage in front of friends and family poking fun at her gave her the heebie jeebies.  Her groom on the other hand loved the idea, but he was the kind of guy who loved comedy in general.

So this brought up an interesting conundrum.  Could there be a comedy roast at the wedding reception or would it be a no go? Read more

Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding Ye Or Ne?

Chances are that at a wedding there are going to be instances where guests have an opinion about something concerning the wedding right? Well what would the vibe be like if guests were able to share opinions and interact with each other via social media during a wedding? Now right off the bat it seems like it would be a bad idea. Social media seems to be a world where people get the courage to say things they would never dream of in person.

It could be a good thing though, depending on the feelings of the bridegroom. Guest interaction via social media platforms offers a chance for guests to feel more included in the wedding. It offers the chance for guests who at the moment may be merely “friendly” to become actual friends. It offers a chance for guests to be truly present while at the same time chronicling their thoughts in a way that will live on forever, hopefully like the wedding union.
Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding

The main concern for a bridegroom is obvious in this case though. And it’s the idea that guests would be focused on something else versus being focused on the ceremony. No woman wants to feel like anything else is going to be getting the attention she deserves on this day. The key is to have ground rules of course. Take the case of Maria and Rob. Both were social media addicts who had actually met via one of the platforms. So for this couple the idea of incorporating it somehow made sense. Read more

Planning A Second Wedding? Here’s Some Insight To Help You Along The Way

Getting married for the second time to the same person is special indeed. It means that a relationship has come a long way and has continued to grow and reach new heights. A second wedding or what is usually referred to as a vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way to create new memories and reestablish the core things a marriage represents.


vow renewal ceremony chicago il


How does someone go about doing this in a way that makes sense though? Clearly if an already married couple is renewing their vows, then they certainly wouldn’t need to go all out like they might have done the first time right? Well it’s going to depend on different factors that aren’t always obvious.

Look at the case of Samantha and her husband Tom. Samantha and her husband have been together for well over 20 years strong. When they first got married they didn’t have a lot of money in order to throw the bash they really wanted. Things had to be done super cheap. In fact a lot of the food was made by their parents and the wedding cake was also homemade. Read more

How I Overcame My Obsession With Having The Perfect Bouquet?

I still look at pictures of wedding bouquets and marvel at them, but the way I see them is different now. I appreciate the individual message each one sends and I focus on appreciating that. Not only does this provide deeper meaning, but it makes you appreciate that sometimes a flaw or minor imperfection can be beautiful as well.

Chicago wedding bouquet 2020

When I think of my wedding day it’s hard to not focus on my dress. It’s the centerpiece. If my wedding were the solar system I would look at my dress as being the sun and everything else being the planets and moons that orbit around it. My dress gives light to everything else and makes them look better in the process.

So then why don’t I feel the way I should regarding this? Why instead am I so obsessed with the wedding bouquet? It’s just a bunch of fancy flowers put together right? Well I just can’t help but to not think of it this way. It’s surely the second most critical accessory concerning the entire outfit right?

Due to this I intend to put a lot of thought into it, but I feel I’ve become too entrenched. Why you ask? Well I believe I’ve come to look at it for more than what it is. Luckily for me I overcame this obsession and I’m going to explain how, but first I want to focus on why I was so obsessed in the first place just to paint a clear picture. I’m sure some of what I’m about to state will resonate. Read more

Secrets You Can Use For A Memorable Wedding Reception

If you went to a party that someone invited you to, then what’s going to make you remember it more versus the other parties that you’ve been to?  Is it going to be the food? Yes, good food can help, but a party is more likely to be remembered for having bad food versus good food. Good food is expected. Is it going to be having good music? What’s good music? What might be considered good music to some might be considered mediocre for others.

Memorable Chicago Wedding Reception
No, what’s likely going to make you remember a party that you’ve gone to is the total quality of the experience. This means feeling included in what’s taking place as much as reasonably possible. It also means being able to experience the other attendees so it becomes a true social event. Well it works the same way with wedding receptions.

You want people to remember yours for sure. Odds are if you’re having a wedding and have decided to invite certain people, then these people are going go eventually be going to other weddings as well. We’re not saying it’s a competition or anything, but you want your wedding reception to be special. There are a few simple secrets you can utilize in order to make this happen. Let’s take a look.

Put your guests around people you know they’ll be comfortable with

Read more

What You Should Look For In A Good Marriage Celebrant

If you’ve never heard of a marriage celebrant before, then don’t worry.  It can be a little confusing at first, but the best way to explain what a marriage celebrant is would be someone who is able to perform at and officiate different formal ceremonies.

The majority of the time they’ll be observed at weddings, but they’re also able to carry out ceremonies such as the following:

  • Vow renewals
  • Baby naming’s
  • Funeral rites

marriage celebrant chicago

Celebrants also aren’t members of the clergy such as priests would be. Priests are bound by the customs of their faith while celebrants have more versatility in terms of what they can do. They can put together a wedding according to whatever requirements a couple wants, work within various themes and different concepts.

How do you find a good one though, because not all wedding celebrants are created equal? Well there are a few general guidelines you can follow.

Getting to know you and your partner

Firstly, you don’t want someone who isn’t going to take the time to get to know not only you, but also your marriage partner. You would want them to take the time to understand your entire relationship if possible and how it arrived at the point it is now.

Understanding laws and contributing

A good celebrant needs to be aware of the various regulations and laws concerning what they do as it relates to the country they’re in. Any resources or interjections they could add in order to help your cause would also be appreciated.

A willingness to listen

No matter how experienced a celebrant might be, you wouldn’t want them to come off like they were trying to dominate any exchange you had with them. You’d need someone who was open to listening to you and learning about any ideas you have. You’d want someone who isn’t rigid, who radiates reassurance, can relate to you in certain ways and above all else is authentic. Read more

Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around the World

There are many different wedding traditions people adhere to in the United States.
Most of these are well known. You have the bride tossing up her bouquet to a hopeful bridesmaid who believes if she catches it, then bride tossing up her bouquetshe’ll be the one to get married next.
You have the something new, borrowed and blue traditions, which is all about creating good luck.

A lot of these traditions are still used and looked at as being fun, so much so that even a lot of couples that aren’t so big on tradition will decide to engage in them.
However, Americans aren’t the only people who have wedding traditions or customs they believe are important.

Here we’re going to take a look at some wedding customs from around the world. Some of these are innocent, while others are a little confusing, others might come off as very strange.
The one thing they all share is that they mean well and serve to wish well onto the couple. So let’s get started.



Men who consider catching the women of their dreams a successful hunt might appreciate this one. In some parts of Chin the groom takes the head off of an arrow and proceeds to shoot at his bride to be numerous times. After it’s over he gathers the arrows and breaks them up while the ceremony is taking place. It’s believed that when this is done that the love will endure forever.



If you like eating chocolate and drinking champagne after your wedding reception, then you’re in luck. Oh, one thing, you have to consume it out of a toilet bowl. We don’t know if this is designed to be a glorified haze, but the belief is that it serves as a bonding experience for the couple, something to give them strength right before the wedding night.


French Polynesia

In certain parts of French Polynesia such as the Marquesas when the wedding ceremony is over the family of the bride will lie down on the floor side-by-side. After this the bride and groom walk over them as if they were a rug.  Can you say ouch? This tradition is in good faith and is designed to offer love and support to the newly married couple. Read more