What Apps Can Help Make Planning Your Wedding Day More Fun?

What Apps Can Help Make Planning Your Wedding Day More Fun?

A couple’s wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives. The thing is that this happy day usually has a whole lot of stressful days that lead up to it. Most of this comes because of the stress of having to plan the wedding. There could be two people who have never planned a wedding or maybe there are a lot of disagreements. Maybe family and friends can be getting involved and putting an extra strain on things.

In any case, one of the happiest days of a couple’s life doesn’t have to have such a high stress opportunity cost.  The planning process isn’t something that has to absolutely consume a couple’s time and energy leading up to the big day. Fortunately, there are a ton of apps on the market that can serve to make life easier in this regard. These apps can help make the wedding planning process less uncomfortable and a heck of a lot more fun.

Here’s a nice list of apps a couple can use to help with their wedding planning.


Wedding Happy

wedding happy appThe only way to describe this app would be smart. The main reason for this is because it asks you for information concerning your planned wedding date, then it starts to construct a schedule that can be customized as well as a to-do checklist so a couple can sort out precisely what needs to be accomplished and by what date. It also offers the ability to track payments, provides summaries of spending, different choices for organizing vendor contact information as well as the ability to sync with anyone else using the app.

Table Planner

table planner appTable planning is one of those things that can prove dreadful for a couple, especially if they know that they have family and friends that may have different personalities or have already had some bad run-ins.  The Table Plan app makes the process of table planning super easy. It gives the user the ability to put in as many guests as they’d like before shifting them around. A couple can also use the app to put in place restrictions, which will enable the app to do it in automatic fashion is desired.

Tie The Knot

tie the knot appAny couple that would describe themselves as being super excited about getting married will love this app.  It monitors exactly how long a couple has until their big day. It keeps track not just by the day, but by each hour, minute and even second. It can be argued that this app doesn’t have much use, but it does help build anticipation and it can be used to help stay on track with important tasks. Heck, after the wedding is over it can be used to keep track of when the anniversary is.



iweddplanner appPlanning a wedding comes with a lot of Ts that need to be crossed and I’s that need to be dotted. That’s what IwedPlanner does. It comes with an easy to use to-do list function, which enables a couple to monitor everything that needs to be accomplished. All the vendors associated with a couple’s big day can also be organized into the app, which will make it easy to keep notes as things move along. If a couple wants to monitor RSVPs, then this app has the ability to do that to. It even comes with seating arrangement help.

Lady Merry Wedding Planner

Lady Merry Wedding Planner AppThe Lady Merry Wedding Planner app provides a wedding checklist that can be customized in order to get a couple ready for their wedding day. Users thinking that it only provides an easy to-do list are in for a bit of a surprise. It also offers a couple all sorts of useful information, tricks and tips as things progress. Users get access to blogs as well as other perks. This app is sure to assist a couple in staying well organized and prepared. Couples can also make use of the app to organize various things with their selected wedding planner as well.


Wedding Look Book

Wedding Look book appOkay so this one concerns just the bride to be. Attempting to come up with an idea of what the perfect wedding dress would be is tough. The Wedding Look Book apps makes this search much easier. It can be used in order to look for a dress that would be perfect for a bride, regardless of what style is preferred. It isn’t limited to just wedding dresses either. The app can be used in order to research engagement rings as well as wedding bands and lookup accessories and attire for flower girls and bridesmaids. And all of this can be done from the comfort of home.

Wedding Planner By The Knot

Wedding Planner By The Knot appIf a couple is having a tough time deciding on what particular wedding planning app they want to use, then they should strongly think about using Wedding Planner by The Knot. It provides a personalized checklist of different stuff that needs to get done as well as options for budgeting. The app distinguishes itself also by giving users the ability to look through more than 250,000 wedding vendors before getting in touch with them by means of the app. A couple can even use this app to get information on the venue they’re considering  and recommendations on different wedding day accessories.

A wedding has a lot of costs associated with it. Luckily for any couple that decides to use one of the above apps they won’t have to worry about shelling out a dime for access to them. All of these are free.  If a couple is open to using an app to make wedding planning more enjoyable, then they should certainly consider using one of the options mentioned above.  These are all easy to use and even the ones that might not be they don’t require much of a learning curve at all. All of these are available for IOS as well and are super easy to download.

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