Planning A Second Wedding? Here’s Some Insight To Help You Along The Way

Getting married for the second time to the same person is special indeed. It means that a relationship has come a long way and has continued to grow and reach new heights. A second wedding or what is usually referred to as a vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way to create new memories and reestablish the core things a marriage represents.


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How does someone go about doing this in a way that makes sense though? Clearly if an already married couple is renewing their vows, then they certainly wouldn’t need to go all out like they might have done the first time right? Well it’s going to depend on different factors that aren’t always obvious.

Look at the case of Samantha and her husband Tom. Samantha and her husband have been together for well over 20 years strong. When they first got married they didn’t have a lot of money in order to throw the bash they really wanted. Things had to be done super cheap. In fact a lot of the food was made by their parents and the wedding cake was also homemade. Read more