Fall  Wedding Color Trends

For many people, including brides to be, fall is their favorite season. It ushers in colder temperatures and hints at the promise of the holiday season. The leaves begin changing colors. Nature is at its most glorious, it is the beauty of nature that is inspiring the trendiest wedding colors for fall. To help you choose the perfect color palette for your wedding day, we’re going to review some of this year’s most unique and beautiful color trends!

  • Zest Is the Spice of Life – Ideal for rustic and autumn weddings, pumpkin offers a classic color choice for fall nuptials. This color palette involves using multiple hues of orange, while stark white and sky blue serve as the accent colors. Shades of orange you can use range from light to dark and offer an excellent complement to the cooler accent hues. When contrasted with a stark white, pumpkin hues look exceptional.


  • Red, Red Wine – At their peak, strawberries boast a rich shade of red that is energetic and passionate. This bold red hue pairs perfectly with the warmer, neutral hues of autumn (think sugar, gold, and white!). Fall is absolutely bursting with color, and this unique color palette celebrates that color in all of its gloriousness.


  • Poetic Justice – If your taste in colors leans more towards the fanciful and delicate, then a color palette of navy blue, classic gray, blush, and cream rose could be exactly what you are looking for. In this color palette, the classic gray and navy blue serve as accent colors to allow the more whimsical cream rose and blush shades to take center stage. Blush and cream rose will forever be romantic, and this is one of the many reasons these colors remain a perennial favorite of brides everywhere.


  • Embrace the Romance – Hues of sugar, slate, hunter green, and olive can be used to inspire a dreamlike setting derived straight from a romance novel. Olive green serves as a strong primary color whose edges are softened by the earthier accent colors. In folklore, winter greens are a symbol of abundance and growth. This color palette is ideal for a rustic outdoor wedding or a bride who would like to pay homage to Mother Earth. These down to earth shades will inspire anyone.


  • Velvety Smooth – Last, but not least, mauve is a beautiful shade of dusky pink that has lit up the bridal runways this season. When used in the right color palette, it can be used in almost any style of wedding – from classic to boho and back again. To infuse your wedding with a vintage feel, consider pairing mauve with similar hues of soft neutrals. If you would prefer for your wedding to have a more vintage vibe, match it with opposing neutrals, such as slate and ashwood.

Remember that these color palette suggestions are only a starting point. You can find color inspiration for your fall wedding in anything that you love. Let us know in the comments section below what colors you’ve chosen for your 2016 autumn wedding!