Using Cover Bands At Your Wedding Reception How do you think about the type of music that’s going to be played at your wedding reception? Do you look at it the same way you would any music that might get played at a regular party, but only with a few wedding themed songs thrown in […]

Should You Or Should You Not Keep A Wedding Journal?


No matter how big your wedding day is, no matter how many pictures get taken and how much video gets recorded it’s just going to be tough to remember a lot of details about your big day years from now. But it doesn’t even have to be the wedding, it can be anything and everything that lead up to the wedding and shortly after the wedding.


wedding journal

Most couple never even consider this, but keeping a wedding journal can be a great way to create a keepsake that will live on forever and serve to strengthen a couples bond even more. It gives both parties a chance to unload, but also to make sure nothing they want to remember about what they experience or how they feel is forgotten.

It create appreciation, a chance so share feeling a couple might have been afraid to share before and a chance to relive any moment of being engaged or getting married you want so much better than pictures can.

Pictures are good, but your personal thoughts are the window to your feelings and when someday you decide to share what you wrote or some of the deeper things you wrote, then you’re talking about a whole new level of intimacy that a lot of couples never experience. It creates vulnerability, but this is a good thing because making yourself vulnerable to your spouse means trust. It will make for a stronger relationship. In case you aren’t sure if having a wedding journal is something you want to do we urge you to consider some of the below questions.


Are you someone who enjoys the wedding planning process and if so do you want to make sure you chronicle every aspect of it?

Everything from picking a wedding dress, selecting a venue and realizing when you’ve found the perfect one, deciding on a cake design and guest list can be chronicled in a wedding journal. You can write about the up and downs as you want, but do so in a thoughtful way.


Every celebration that takes place during your engagement is going to be something to remember, do you believe you can relive this without chronicling it?

Think about how it feels to ask someone to be your best man or maid of honor. Think about how it feels to let your parents know you’re engaged or to tell longtime friends you’re engaged. All of these experiences are very powerful and will resonate. You may struggle to remember the feeling if you don’t chronicle it in a wedding journal.

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What Apps Can Help Make Planning Your Wedding Day More Fun?

A couple’s wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives. The thing is that this happy day usually has a whole lot of stressful days that lead up to it. Most of this comes because of the stress of having to plan the wedding. There could be two people who have never planned a wedding or maybe there are a lot of disagreements. Maybe family and friends can be getting involved and putting an extra strain on things.

In any case, one of the happiest days of a couple’s life doesn’t have to have such a high stress opportunity cost.  The planning process isn’t something that has to absolutely consume a couple’s time and energy leading up to the big day. Fortunately, there are a ton of apps on the market that can serve to make life easier in this regard. These apps can help make the wedding planning process less uncomfortable and a heck of a lot more fun.

Here’s a nice list of apps a couple can use to help with their wedding planning.


Wedding Happy

wedding happy appThe only way to describe this app would be smart. The main reason for this is because it asks you for information concerning your planned wedding date, then it starts to construct a schedule that can be customized as well as a to-do checklist so a couple can sort out precisely what needs to be accomplished and by what date. It also offers the ability to track payments, provides summaries of spending, different choices for organizing vendor contact information as well as the ability to sync with anyone else using the app.

Table Planner

table planner appTable planning is one of those things that can prove dreadful for a couple, especially if they know that they have family and friends that may have different personalities or have already had some bad run-ins.  The Table Plan app makes the process of table planning super easy. It gives the user the ability to put in as many guests as they’d like before shifting them around. A couple can also use the app to put in place restrictions, which will enable the app to do it in automatic fashion is desired.

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Something Borrowed-Is It Important Who That Someone Is The Bride Would Be Borrowing It From?

Following wedding traditions is something that seems to be going out of fashion. The reason for this is because people don’t want to feel like they’re bound by old rules. Couples these days want to make fun and new traditions. It may not even be about making new traditions more than it is simply about not feeling like old conventions absolutely must be adhered to.

Some conventions carry a significant meaning though. The wearing something borrowed, something new, something blue and a sixpence in the shoe seems to be something that a lot of brides to be truly believe in. The “something borrowed” part of this is where it gets tricky for so many brides. Just what’s supposed to be worn that’s borrowed? Even more important would be who is it going to come from and does it even matter?

something borrowed something blue

Well several married women were asked about this and why they felt the “who” the something borrowed came from was so crucial. It can be looked at like this. Say that a bride is really looking forward to married life. She may or may not have come from a family where she saw a long lasting marriage. In any case, a bride will want to take measures to ensure as much positive energy as possible or good luck moving forward as she enters married life.

If this sounds a little confusing it can be broken down a little better if an example is used in order to create better understanding. Let’s say that someone wins a multimillion dollar lottery jackpot. Wouldn’t the friends or even random strangers in general who see the winner on a frequent basis want to know what they did? Wouldn’t they want to have a little of that good fortune rub off on them?

Would the store they went to in order to purchase the ticket all of a sudden experience an influx of people coming there to purchase tickets, believing that some of the luck will rub off on them? Well it has to be assumed that none of this is lost on brides to be if they are going to adhere to the “something borrowed” rule. So to answer the question, yes it does indeed matter who the “something borrowed” comes from. Here’s why. Read more

Is There Any Difference Between A Cotillion and a Debutante Ball When people think of cotillions and Debutante Ball’s at first it would seem like there’s no real difference between the two. Both seem to be formal affairs that feature well-dressed young men and women coming of age. These are considered to be rites of […]

Wedding Ceremony Speeches Versus Wedding Reception Comedy Roasts

If people at a wedding reception could have little thought bubbles over their heads when speeches and toasts were being given, then they probably would show snooze signs. Not that the goal would be to offend. It’s just that at wedding receptions the guests tend to expect more of a festive atmosphere. Speeches are great, but a couple that’s planning to get married soon might want to give careful thought to other forms of entertainment.

chicago wedding speech

Yes, entertainment. That’s what guests expect at a wedding reception, on top of some emotional moments. And one great option for this is to have a comedy roast of the bride and groom.  This may sound like a disaster in the making at first, but if done right it can actually provide a ton of laughs, let some of the formal element out of the room and get people to let loose and relax.

Take the example of Rose for instance. Rose was a bride who had always been kind of sensitive when it came to these kinds of things. The idea of having someone standing on a stage in front of friends and family poking fun at her gave her the heebie jeebies.  Her groom on the other hand loved the idea, but he was the kind of guy who loved comedy in general.

So this brought up an interesting conundrum.  Could there be a comedy roast at the wedding reception or would it be a no go? Read more

Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding Ye Or Ne?

Chances are that at a wedding there are going to be instances where guests have an opinion about something concerning the wedding right? Well what would the vibe be like if guests were able to share opinions and interact with each other via social media during a wedding? Now right off the bat it seems like it would be a bad idea. Social media seems to be a world where people get the courage to say things they would never dream of in person.

It could be a good thing though, depending on the feelings of the bridegroom. Guest interaction via social media platforms offers a chance for guests to feel more included in the wedding. It offers the chance for guests who at the moment may be merely “friendly” to become actual friends. It offers a chance for guests to be truly present while at the same time chronicling their thoughts in a way that will live on forever, hopefully like the wedding union.
Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding

The main concern for a bridegroom is obvious in this case though. And it’s the idea that guests would be focused on something else versus being focused on the ceremony. No woman wants to feel like anything else is going to be getting the attention she deserves on this day. The key is to have ground rules of course. Take the case of Maria and Rob. Both were social media addicts who had actually met via one of the platforms. So for this couple the idea of incorporating it somehow made sense. Read more

Planning A Second Wedding? Here’s Some Insight To Help You Along The Way

Getting married for the second time to the same person is special indeed. It means that a relationship has come a long way and has continued to grow and reach new heights. A second wedding or what is usually referred to as a vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way to create new memories and reestablish the core things a marriage represents.


vow renewal ceremony chicago il


How does someone go about doing this in a way that makes sense though? Clearly if an already married couple is renewing their vows, then they certainly wouldn’t need to go all out like they might have done the first time right? Well it’s going to depend on different factors that aren’t always obvious.

Look at the case of Samantha and her husband Tom. Samantha and her husband have been together for well over 20 years strong. When they first got married they didn’t have a lot of money in order to throw the bash they really wanted. Things had to be done super cheap. In fact a lot of the food was made by their parents and the wedding cake was also homemade. Read more

How I Overcame My Obsession With Having The Perfect Bouquet?

I still look at pictures of wedding bouquets and marvel at them, but the way I see them is different now. I appreciate the individual message each one sends and I focus on appreciating that. Not only does this provide deeper meaning, but it makes you appreciate that sometimes a flaw or minor imperfection can be beautiful as well.

Chicago wedding bouquet 2020

When I think of my wedding day it’s hard to not focus on my dress. It’s the centerpiece. If my wedding were the solar system I would look at my dress as being the sun and everything else being the planets and moons that orbit around it. My dress gives light to everything else and makes them look better in the process.

So then why don’t I feel the way I should regarding this? Why instead am I so obsessed with the wedding bouquet? It’s just a bunch of fancy flowers put together right? Well I just can’t help but to not think of it this way. It’s surely the second most critical accessory concerning the entire outfit right?

Due to this I intend to put a lot of thought into it, but I feel I’ve become too entrenched. Why you ask? Well I believe I’ve come to look at it for more than what it is. Luckily for me I overcame this obsession and I’m going to explain how, but first I want to focus on why I was so obsessed in the first place just to paint a clear picture. I’m sure some of what I’m about to state will resonate. Read more