Something Borrowed, Who Is It Going To Come From, Does It Even Matter?

Something Borrowed-Is It Important Who That Someone Is The Bride Would Be Borrowing It From?

Following wedding traditions is something that seems to be going out of fashion. The reason for this is because people don’t want to feel like they’re bound by old rules. Couples these days want to make fun and new traditions. It may not even be about making new traditions more than it is simply about not feeling like old conventions absolutely must be adhered to.

Some conventions carry a significant meaning though. The wearing something borrowed, something new, something blue and a sixpence in the shoe seems to be something that a lot of brides to be truly believe in. The “something borrowed” part of this is where it gets tricky for so many brides. Just what’s supposed to be worn that’s borrowed? Even more important would be who is it going to come from and does it even matter?

something borrowed something blue

Well several married women were asked about this and why they felt the “who” the something borrowed came from was so crucial. It can be looked at like this. Say that a bride is really looking forward to married life. She may or may not have come from a family where she saw a long lasting marriage. In any case, a bride will want to take measures to ensure as much positive energy as possible or good luck moving forward as she enters married life.

If this sounds a little confusing it can be broken down a little better if an example is used in order to create better understanding. Let’s say that someone wins a multimillion dollar lottery jackpot. Wouldn’t the friends or even random strangers in general who see the winner on a frequent basis want to know what they did? Wouldn’t they want to have a little of that good fortune rub off on them?

Would the store they went to in order to purchase the ticket all of a sudden experience an influx of people coming there to purchase tickets, believing that some of the luck will rub off on them? Well it has to be assumed that none of this is lost on brides to be if they are going to adhere to the “something borrowed” rule. So to answer the question, yes it does indeed matter who the “something borrowed” comes from. Here’s why.

Let’s take the case of the bride to be who may feel a little apprehensive due to not really experiencing a good marriage between anyone growing up. This fact doesn’t have to create any anxious feelings, but it will certainly make this bride to be want to do something in order to create positive energy and omens moving forward. So what type of person would she want to wear “something borrowed” from in this case?

It’s certainly going to be someone who has had a long lasting marriage and is likely still married. It’s going to be someone that has a strong relationship. It’s going to be someone that seems to exude all the traits that are valued in a marriage. What the particular item is isn’t as important as the strength of the union between the person giving it and their significant other.

Just like anything in life, people do believe in superstition. A bride who decides to wear a piece of jewelry from a women who wore it on her wedding day, and she’s been married for 30+ years strong is going to feel that energy. She’s going to certainly want some of that good luck to be passed on to her. Yes it may sound silly, but if people look around the world at various cultures in general it will be discovered that the transference of energy through objects has always been a big thing.

Why do people assume that certain antiques are so treasured by collectors or having a piece of clothing worn by royalty? It’s because the people who treasure them believe the energy associated with these objects can be transferred to them. And it’s the same with wearing something borrowed that came from someone who has a very strong marriage. This isn’t talking about just duration, but also the quality of the union as well.

Even if a bride to be did come from a household where she experienced a long and loving marriage between her parents, she may still want to make sure she wore “something borrowed” from someone who resembled the relationship she saw growing up.

A bride to be wearing “something borrowed” from someone who has been in bad relationships or who has never even been married may not be preferred. This isn’t to speak badly about such people, but the whole point of this tradition is transferring good look and positive energy. So the “who” this something came from would be critical.

Can exceptions be made? Sure, but it can be tricky. A bride to be would want to still make sure that the “something borrowed” carried significant meaning enough for her to feel like the energy associated with it is positive. It can be a dear friend, who although not married may have something they hold true and dear and for all the right reasons.

It can be that a person themselves doesn’t have anything that they’ve worn, but they own something from somebody else that they truly treasure and it has all the positive energy associated with it that’s required.

Yes, the “something borrowed” convention may seem outdated, but it’s still a very powerful thing. Plus it doesn’t hurt to increase the positive energy that will already be present on a bridegroom’s big day.

One more important thing for brides to be to note is that although in most cases the borrowed item will come from another woman, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Men can also be included here. For example, a bride may have a friend of the family who is a man that had a very happy marriage. Why not have the item come from him (assuming the item looked right)? Just food for thought.

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