Preserving The Wow Factor Of  Your Wedding Dress Before, During And After The Event

Let’s say that you get through your big day with no serious staining issues. You still want to take measures to preserve your wedding dress right? Well there’s several ways to go about doing this.

The first thing you want to do is hang your wedding dress by loops within it that are attached to strong side seams, not weak shoulder seams, which would lead to stretching or sagging.

Preserving your wedding dress after the big day

Preserving your wedding dress wow factor before and after the big day

Next, when it comes to how you’ll store your dress after the wedding be sure it won’t be within plastic bags or even vacuum sealed plastic wrapped containers. The reason for this is because plastic gives off certain fumes that can cause yellowing and it can also lock in moisture, which can cause instances of mildew.

Right after your wedding we would recommend that you take measures to have your dress professionally cleaned right away. You would prefer someone who specializes in cleaning and preservation. Taking action immediately after a wedding will ensure protection from staining or discoloration issues.

After you’ve taken proper precautions with your wedding dress after you’re through wearing it, now you’ll need to store it in the right way. The key to preservation here is to store the dress in a place that has a steady and consistent temperature. Putting the dress in a place like the attic or the basement just won’t work, because the temperature of these types of environments varies dramatically depending on what the weather is outside.

We’re assuming you want to keep your wedding dress in good condition so that you can have a chance to pass it down one day. If you follow these methods outlined above, then this won’t be a problem. The dress will remain in good condition for a long time to come and can be worn again in the future.

Now in order to have an easier time preserving your dress it would make sense to know how to treat it beforehand right? Follow these steps and you’ll find that preservation after the actual big day becomes a whole lot easier. Read more

Never Again a Bridesmaid

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride does not even begin to describe me. I have planned more weddings for friends in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois; I have lost count of them. I have somehow developed a reputation as the go to girl for wedding planning among my circle of friends. Truth be told, I kind of have it down to a science. Pick a theme and a color palette and you are off. From wedding flowers to the perfect wedding band, I have the whole thing wired. You want creative? I am your girl. Traditional is more your style? Look no further; I know just what to do. I grew very fond of my track record of beautifully planned weddings that went off flawlessly.

chicago bridesmaids

Then it happened, I finally met the guy, my own prince charming. What was even more amazing is that he asked me to marry him and I said yes. It was finally happening for me, I was going to be the bride and wear the pretty white dress and carry the best flowers. Of course my wedding would be perfect – after all, I had successfully planned so many weddings – some for true ‘bridezilla’s’ – that planning my own would be a snap. I bought a binder, a bunch of bridal magazines and set down to work.


That is where the trouble began. Each time I found a bridal gown or wedding cake I liked, I would realize I had used something similar in someone else’s wedding. I began to obsess about making my wedding unique. I could not use any of the DJ’s in town – they would play the same reception music that was played at all the wedding I had planned. My wedding reception venue could not be the same as anyone else’s. Even picking my dress became an ordeal as I realized just how similar bride’s dresses really are.


I could not believe it – I had turned into Bridzilla myself. My wedding plans were going nowhere – I had not even chosen my bridesmaids, let alone by bridesmaids’ dresses. How could I have sunk so low? I did not know what to do; I finally asked seven friends who I had helped plan particularly flawless weddings, for help. Read more