How I Overcame My Obsession With Having The Perfect Bouquet?

I still look at pictures of wedding bouquets and marvel at them, but the way I see them is different now. I appreciate the individual message each one sends and I focus on appreciating that. Not only does this provide deeper meaning, but it makes you appreciate that sometimes a flaw or minor imperfection can be beautiful as well.

Chicago wedding bouquet 2020

When I think of my wedding day it’s hard to not focus on my dress. It’s the centerpiece. If my wedding were the solar system I would look at my dress as being the sun and everything else being the planets and moons that orbit around it. My dress gives light to everything else and makes them look better in the process.

So then why don’t I feel the way I should regarding this? Why instead am I so obsessed with the wedding bouquet? It’s just a bunch of fancy flowers put together right? Well I just can’t help but to not think of it this way. It’s surely the second most critical accessory concerning the entire outfit right?

Due to this I intend to put a lot of thought into it, but I feel I’ve become too entrenched. Why you ask? Well I believe I’ve come to look at it for more than what it is. Luckily for me I overcame this obsession and I’m going to explain how, but first I want to focus on why I was so obsessed in the first place just to paint a clear picture. I’m sure some of what I’m about to state will resonate. Read more

Secrets You Can Use For A Memorable Wedding Reception

If you went to a party that someone invited you to, then what’s going to make you remember it more versus the other parties that you’ve been to?  Is it going to be the food? Yes, good food can help, but a party is more likely to be remembered for having bad food versus good food. Good food is expected. Is it going to be having good music? What’s good music? What might be considered good music to some might be considered mediocre for others.

Memorable Chicago Wedding Reception
No, what’s likely going to make you remember a party that you’ve gone to is the total quality of the experience. This means feeling included in what’s taking place as much as reasonably possible. It also means being able to experience the other attendees so it becomes a true social event. Well it works the same way with wedding receptions.

You want people to remember yours for sure. Odds are if you’re having a wedding and have decided to invite certain people, then these people are going go eventually be going to other weddings as well. We’re not saying it’s a competition or anything, but you want your wedding reception to be special. There are a few simple secrets you can utilize in order to make this happen. Let’s take a look.

Put your guests around people you know they’ll be comfortable with

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