Secrets You Can Use For A Memorable Wedding Reception

Secrets You Can Use For A Memorable Wedding Reception

If you went to a party that someone invited you to, then what’s going to make you remember it more versus the other parties that you’ve been to?  Is it going to be the food? Yes, good food can help, but a party is more likely to be remembered for having bad food versus good food. Good food is expected. Is it going to be having good music? What’s good music? What might be considered good music to some might be considered mediocre for others.

Memorable Chicago Wedding Reception
No, what’s likely going to make you remember a party that you’ve gone to is the total quality of the experience. This means feeling included in what’s taking place as much as reasonably possible. It also means being able to experience the other attendees so it becomes a true social event. Well it works the same way with wedding receptions.

You want people to remember yours for sure. Odds are if you’re having a wedding and have decided to invite certain people, then these people are going go eventually be going to other weddings as well. We’re not saying it’s a competition or anything, but you want your wedding reception to be special. There are a few simple secrets you can utilize in order to make this happen. Let’s take a look.

Put your guests around people you know they’ll be comfortable with

When you go to any type of party it isn’t just the food or the music that makes or breaks your experience, but how you experience the other people there. Understand that a wedding reception isn’t like the first day of school where you get assigned seating based on the first letter of your last name.

It also isn’t an environment where interaction with anyone and everyone is absolutely required such as specific work environments. Certain guests are going to be more comfortable around certain people versus others. And it’s going to be important that you understand this in advance.

You want the people you seat your guests with to get along, which means you need to know they’ll get along. This impacts your experience, because of guests are put around those they don’t get along with then it increases the chances of some undesired situation.

If guests are around people they get along with then it means more comfort and more conversation.


Don’t be afraid to change out of your wedding cloths for the reception

If the goal is to truly let loose during your wedding reception, then the last thing you want to do is feel like you’re restricted based on the clothing you’re wearing. While it might be formal, not everyone is going to be able to have a good time knowing that even the slightest wrong move can lead to an embarrassing moment.

This is especially true for brides. A wedding dress is restrictive and during certain dances it’s going to be hard to get into the groove so to speak. So how about changing out of it? We’re not saying you have to put on something that would make you look out of place, but maybe a much more scaled down version of your outfit, one where movement is less restricted.

When you and your spouse feel more comfortable in your cloths, this is going to lead to more activity, which means more experiences and things to talk about years down the road.


Consider hiring someone to roast you at the wedding reception

We know, this one might sound out of whack, but it’s going to depend on how seriously you and your spouse take things. You would always be able to have some degree of control over what was said. Having someone roast you and your spouse at your wedding reception is a bold move, but it can provide a lot of laughs if done right.

Obviously there are levels to this. You can have someone do light comedy, where maybe they just playfully take a jab or two at the newlyweds, but you can also have someone who has supreme roasting skills if you so choose. We mention this secret because a lot of couples tend to be wound up a little too tight on their wedding day. Having someone do some light roasting at the reception can be the perfect way to unwind, but once again this would only be if limits are put in place.

One way you can avoid any potential awkwardness in this regard would be to know in advance what was going to be said and either give it the green light or the red light. While this may take a little of the fun out of it, your guests certainly wouldn’t know what was coming. It could provide a good time for everyone.


You making your wedding reception memorable starts with you understanding what to do so people don’t remember it for the wrong reasons. It all starts with comfort. Even though it’s the couple’s big day, the guests are critical to everything, because they are going to provide the energy that the couple feeds off of throughout the day.

While you may be surrounded by loved ones and friends, you’ll certainly be affected if you can sense that they aren’t having a good time at your wedding reception. You want everyone to feel included and to have what they need to unwind and take a load off.

The simple secrets we’ve mentioned here are a good place to start, but they aren’t the end. One final secret we can offer you in order to make your wedding reception more memorable would be to create lots of opportunities for unique photos. We’re not just talking about the professional kind either, but the kind people would take with their phones and post on social media.

By doing this you enable people to create their own unique experience and your big event becomes something where everyone can create their own story, but it helps to enhance yours as well.

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