Using Cover Bands At Your Wedding Reception

How do you think about the type of music that’s going to be played at your wedding reception? Do you look at it the same way you would any music that might get played at a regular party, but only with a few wedding themed songs thrown in here and there? Do you feel like the music isn’t as important as the overall experience? What about the particular bands that get played, surely there’s a band that both you and your spouse are going to be big on right?Cover Band

Your wedding and the reception following represent one very important beginning and it’s one that you have to keep in mind regarding the music that gets played. It represents what is to be the beginning or the start of a new life with your partner. So what does this mean for the music that gets played? It means that it becomes the soundtrack. It becomes what’s going to be associated with your big day and it’s going to be immortalized as such.

With this being the case couples should seriously consider going with a cover band for their wedding reception. You’re probably thinking that a cover band wouldn’t be a good idea, but why? Yes, a DJ has a whole host of different songs they can play, but there’s something missing. What we want to do is show you the many ways having a cover band at your wedding reception can actually be one of the best investments you make.

There’s no limit to the type of cover band you can choose

You can be young or old. You can be into one type of music or another. It doesn’t really matter. There’s likely a cover band that you can go with that would be perfect. And what makes it even better is that some cover bands cover more than just one particular group in order to add more variety to the mix.

As long as the group was fairly popular in their heyday then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have a group paying tribute to them, although some of the best ones can be tough to book. For instance, if you wanted a U2 cover band, then even the lower echelon ones might be tough to book, but not impossible.

Don’t look at this as a bad thing. If a cover band is tough to book it means they have a lot of demand, which means they’re probably really good at what they do. You want this.

Cover bands are a representation of a couples shared musical tastes

The groom might like “The Cure” while the bride might like “U2”. The groom might like “Sting” while the bride likes “The Police”. In the second case there’s no reason why a compromise couldn’t be made, but in any case there’s probably a band that a couple would like that’s going to represent so much more to them than just the music they play.

Look at it like this, let’s say that “Sting” was playing in the background when the groom proposed or it was playing when the couple first met each other. It doesn’t matter what song it was by the artist. But for the sake of the argument let’s say it was “Fields of Gold”. This is one of his best songs.

If this couple had a Sting cover band at their wedding reception, then when they do this song it’s going to bring about anything and everything that associated with it. We’re talking about the setting, the feelings, everything. It creates a certain energy that both people will be able to feel.

Having an actual cover band play certain songs at your reception just solidifies things even more. It creates a soundtrack that both people won’t mind having and it becomes just one more reason for them to appreciate the actual band itself.

Cover bands can usually perform variations of certain songs to create different feelings and energy

If you’ve ever listened to certain popular songs you probably though to yourself that it would be a good if there was a remix right? Well not every band does a remix or even an extended version of a certain song they have, but this doesn’t mean that a cover band won’t or can’t.

Let’s go with a really popular band “The Cure”. Robert Smith, the bands lead singer was known to create a lot of extended versions of his songs and also had plenty of remixes to some of his more popular ones. However, the great majority of some of their best stuff doesn’t have remixed versions.

A good “Cure” cover band would be able to mix things up in order to change the pace and create the right energy at the right time, no matter what song was requested. Take for instance one of their best known songs “Love Song”. A good cover band would be able to slow it up, speed it up, extend it or even potentially add another verse dedicated to the couple if this was something they wanted.

They could work it into a particular song or any other song you wanted in order to create true personalization. The reason why this is so important is because it would help to get further away from the idea that a cover band was nothing more than a bunch of people doing karaoke, but with instruments included.

There are companies that provide lots of cover band option, but there are also local cover bands you can look into if you decide to go this route. In fact if you really wanted to keep thing simple you could just go with a local cover band, because they’re more likely to have lots of experience playing at different events. They’ll likely be able to cover multiple popular bands so the music option will be more varied and they might even have someone in the group who can double as a DJ. Plus, local cover bands tend to be very affordable.