Should You Or Should You Not Keep A Wedding Journal?

Should You Or Should You Not Keep A Wedding Journal?


No matter how big your wedding day is, no matter how many pictures get taken and how much video gets recorded it’s just going to be tough to remember a lot of details about your big day years from now. But it doesn’t even have to be the wedding, it can be anything and everything that lead up to the wedding and shortly after the wedding.


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Most couple never even consider this, but keeping a wedding journal can be a great way to create a keepsake that will live on forever and serve to strengthen a couples bond even more. It gives both parties a chance to unload, but also to make sure nothing they want to remember about what they experience or how they feel is forgotten.

It create appreciation, a chance so share feeling a couple might have been afraid to share before and a chance to relive any moment of being engaged or getting married you want so much better than pictures can.

Pictures are good, but your personal thoughts are the window to your feelings and when someday you decide to share what you wrote or some of the deeper things you wrote, then you’re talking about a whole new level of intimacy that a lot of couples never experience. It creates vulnerability, but this is a good thing because making yourself vulnerable to your spouse means trust. It will make for a stronger relationship. In case you aren’t sure if having a wedding journal is something you want to do we urge you to consider some of the below questions.


Are you someone who enjoys the wedding planning process and if so do you want to make sure you chronicle every aspect of it?

Everything from picking a wedding dress, selecting a venue and realizing when you’ve found the perfect one, deciding on a cake design and guest list can be chronicled in a wedding journal. You can write about the up and downs as you want, but do so in a thoughtful way.


Every celebration that takes place during your engagement is going to be something to remember, do you believe you can relive this without chronicling it?

Think about how it feels to ask someone to be your best man or maid of honor. Think about how it feels to let your parents know you’re engaged or to tell longtime friends you’re engaged. All of these experiences are very powerful and will resonate. You may struggle to remember the feeling if you don’t chronicle it in a wedding journal.

You experience a lot of excitement during your engagement and wedding, as time goes by how much of this do you believe you’ll forget, even with wedding day pictures and video?

You may not forget the really big stuff, but the little stuff can become tough to remember. Your engagement and wedding are so energy consuming you want to get the most out of it so you can draw from this anytime you want in the future. A wedding journal will make this easier and no detail will be forgotten.

Think about when you share the news of your engagement with friends and family, wouldn’t it be great to chronicle how this felt and how they reacted?

This may go back to a question mentioned earlier, but one of the most nerve wrecking, but exciting things about getting married is sharing the news with friends and family. When you tell them and you write down in a journal how they reacted you etch them into eternity. Their feelings become a permanent part of your engagement experience and wedding experience.

And don’t worry if the reactions you’d have to write down weren’t good. Hopefully there would come a point where the feelings they had would change if they weren’t good and then you could add the changed response.

You’ll have high and lows of being engaged, how do you think writing down how you feel will help to strengthen your commitment?

No matter how happy you are that you’re getting married it’s only natural at times that you’ll be nervous. Don’t look at this as a bad thing. Being nervous means there’s something big on the line and you have to trust yourself and the other person to move forward.

Earlier we mentioned sharing feelings with your spouse that you might not feel so comfortable to share now. Well writing down in a wedding journal not just highs, but also lows would be a good way to ultimately set this up at some future date.

Once again don’t see it as a bad thing; if there were no insecurities concerning getting married then chances are there’s a little delusion going on. Sharing both good and bad feelings create opportunities for deep conversation, connecting and bonding.

Here are some of the additional benefits of keeping a wedding journal:


  • Most people never mention their engagement party experiences so creating a wedding journal will help to etch this into your memory as well


  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties are one of the most looked forward to things about being engaged and the things you can write about concerning it alone will make for some good reading in the future


  • A wedding journal gives you the chance to write down how you feel every moment of the big day, from the first time you see your spouse to the last dance at the reception


It doesn’t have to be complicated to start a wedding journal either. Just write it as you would a regular journal. Each day of your engagement write down your thought and feelings and be brutally honest about it. Do the same for your wedding day. It helps to clear the mind and both parties will find that in the end it helps them to feel better about everything. Plus, it provides feelings and recollections that a photo album or video couldn’t.  You can decide to share it with anyone you wished whether it be now or someday in the future.

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