The First Dance as Husband and Wife – A Cherished Tradition

The First Dance as Husband and Wife – A Cherished Tradition.

First dance as husband and wife Chicago Wedding 2016 A couple’s first dance together as man and wife is one of the most cherished traditions of American and European weddings. Grooms and brides invest many hours into selecting the perfect song that reflects their special relationship. The chosen song is treasured and remembered by the couple and their wedding guests.
This is why so much emphasis and importance is placed on the couple’s first dance together. It tells a story. Your future children and grandchildren will remember the story each time they hear they hear the song. It will become a part of your familial history, and it will be representative of your love. Just remember that selecting the song for your first dance as a couple should be an enjoyable process. It shouldn’t be stressful.

An increasing number of couples are opting to take formal dance lessons from a professional instructor so they will feel more comfortable on the dance floor. Some couples even choose to do something unique and exciting instead of the traditional slow dance. It’s not uncommon for members of the bridal party to take classes with the bride and groom, so the whole group can do a memorable dance together.

It’s popular now to opt for fun filled first dance songs for a couple’s first dance together. Some couples even choose to create an entire dance routine. A quick Internet search will show you just how many “first dance” videos go viral each year, and each video is more infectious and enjoyable than the last. If a popular, modern dance song represents both of your personalities and fits in with the theme of your wedding, then opting for a casual twist on the traditional first dance could create a memorable experience for everyone who attends your wedding. However, it’s important to make sure that you both agree on the song. You must also consider the fact that your wedding video will live on forever.A couple’s first dance together as man and wife

Though this traditional aspect of the wedding reception is important for both the groom and the bride, make a concentrated effort to just relax and enjoy the moment. If the idea of having to remember a bunch of dance steps in sequence stresses you out, stick with a simple waltz, so that you can concentrate on one another. By the time that the time for your first dance rolls around, the most stressful parts of your wedding should be behind you.

The first dance is a moment to take a deep breath and bond with your new spouse. So while you might want the first dance to be a memorable and significant moment during your wedding day, make certain that you create a first dance moment that will not add additional stress and take away from the specialness of your wedding day. Actually, your first dance together should be a place where you can release any built up tension and simply have a great time being with one another.

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