Wedding Ceremony Speeches Versus Wedding Reception Comedy Roasts

Wedding Ceremony Speeches Versus Wedding Reception Comedy Roasts

If people at a wedding reception could have little thought bubbles over their heads when speeches and toasts were being given, then they probably would show snooze signs. Not that the goal would be to offend. It’s just that at wedding receptions the guests tend to expect more of a festive atmosphere. Speeches are great, but a couple that’s planning to get married soon might want to give careful thought to other forms of entertainment.

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Yes, entertainment. That’s what guests expect at a wedding reception, on top of some emotional moments. And one great option for this is to have a comedy roast of the bride and groom.  This may sound like a disaster in the making at first, but if done right it can actually provide a ton of laughs, let some of the formal element out of the room and get people to let loose and relax.

Take the example of Rose for instance. Rose was a bride who had always been kind of sensitive when it came to these kinds of things. The idea of having someone standing on a stage in front of friends and family poking fun at her gave her the heebie jeebies.  Her groom on the other hand loved the idea, but he was the kind of guy who loved comedy in general.

So this brought up an interesting conundrum.  Could there be a comedy roast at the wedding reception or would it be a no go?

Well here’s how it worked out for Rose and her groom. The couple decided that seeing as how one of them was very fond of comedy and the other wasn’t so much, then the groom could be the one to get roasted and the bride would be off limits. In fact, the majority of the jokes that would be aimed at him would be in regards to how lucky he was to have found a woman willing to put up with him.

Now every bride isn’t going to feel the same as Rose. Some brides to be will like the idea of being roasted, but maybe they may decide that they only want specific friends or family members to do it. The reason why this can work is because a specific friend or family member would possess enough intimate knowledge in order to make things work.

Plus the bride may understand enough about a certain friend or family member’s personality to not take offense to the way various barbs or jokes were delivered. The same can work on the groom’s side of things.  He could decide to have specific friends and family members take shots at him and only him. If any jokes were to be directed at the bride, then they would have to be approved of in advance.

A professional is also an option, but this can be tricky unless a bride and groom have insight as to the brand of comedy offered. Vulgarity wouldn’t be desired nor would anything too personal. In fact, a bride and groom that decided to go with this option and hire a professional should aim for someone who specializes in weddings.

Now how do wedding comedy roasts compare with wedding speeches? Well, they tend to be very formal and structured. The best types of wedding speeches are those that have genuine emotional content. When someone compares these two options against each other it’s easy to see that one offers more entertainment value than the other, but on the downside the chance for more emotional content isn’t there.

So what’s the best way for a bride and groom to get around this? Well the best way would be to have a little of both at a wedding reception. A couple could decide to have a period where speeches were delivered by various friends and family, and then they could decide to have a period for comedy roasting.

The order this could happen would be the tricky part. Wedding speeches tend to get very emotional so it could be argued that a comedy roast would work better on the backend of this. A couple would have to decide which order was best. Another option would be to simply have a comedy roast pre-wedding ceremony.

There are couples who have done this. It’s a form of entertainment for the guests and can serve to keep them energized right before the ceremony. Once again this can be done by close friends and family or a well-chosen professional. With speeches though, they usually almost always take place at the reception.

A couple has to understand that a comedy roast isn’t designed to make them feel bad or to even embarrass them. It’s actually a deep way to express celebration of a couple and to show just how far a relationship has come. It’s a more intimate way to express respect, because a deep level of trust is required in order for any couple to allow this at their reception.

This is why it’s almost always better to have close friends and family partake in this, but only if they have some idea of what they’re doing. Speeches offer a couple emotional content and they aren’t designed to be entertaining per se, but they do provide a chance to connect and show deep appreciation. If it had to be guessed which option was truly better this would be hard to do. One option can provide tears of joy while the other if done right can provide tears from laughter.

One thing is for sure, any couple who decides to have a wedding comedy roast either pre-wedding ceremony or at their reception will certainly create some interesting memories they’ll want to relive. It’s something that’s just not done at a lot of weddings, but that’s because so many people don’t understand how comedy roasts can be setup to be harmless and lighthearted in nature.  Everything can even be pre-approved by a couple. Yes, this may take away some of the surprise element, but if this would provide more comfort then so be it.

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