Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding Ye Or Ne?

Chances are that at a wedding there are going to be instances where guests have an opinion about something concerning the wedding right? Well what would the vibe be like if guests were able to share opinions and interact with each other via social media during a wedding? Now right off the bat it seems like it would be a bad idea. Social media seems to be a world where people get the courage to say things they would never dream of in person.

It could be a good thing though, depending on the feelings of the bridegroom. Guest interaction via social media platforms offers a chance for guests to feel more included in the wedding. It offers the chance for guests who at the moment may be merely “friendly” to become actual friends. It offers a chance for guests to be truly present while at the same time chronicling their thoughts in a way that will live on forever, hopefully like the wedding union.
Guests Interacting With Each Other Via Social Media During A Wedding

The main concern for a bridegroom is obvious in this case though. And it’s the idea that guests would be focused on something else versus being focused on the ceremony. No woman wants to feel like anything else is going to be getting the attention she deserves on this day. The key is to have ground rules of course. Take the case of Maria and Rob. Both were social media addicts who had actually met via one of the platforms. So for this couple the idea of incorporating it somehow made sense. Read more