FAQ:  Do I have to make a seating chart for my wedding reception?

What makes winter weddings in Chicago beautiful?

Setting a budget for a wedding reception and ceremony often means finding a balance between fantasy and reality.  There may be a long list of luxuries a bride dreams of for this important day: fresh flowers, hand-crafted invitations, a custom-made gown, designer shoes, ice-sculptures and satin floor length tablecloths. And if money is no object, why not turn your dream into a reality.  But if budget matters, and for most couples it does. Here are some thoughts on how to strike a balance between I want and I can do. Read more

You’ve spent months planning for your big day. You’ve considered every detail – the flowers, the music, the guest list. You want everything to be just right, so on your wedding day, you can just enjoy it.

As a bride, you get to be the star of your wedding. People will stand amazed when you walk into the room, your dress will dazzle them, and everyone will mention just how beautiful you look. When you’re having such a wonderful time, the last thing you want to worry about are pesky wedding dress stains.

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There’s nothing better than that perfect moment at a wedding when everything comes together.

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