Your Ringbearer Security Briefcase Has Just Arrived

Your Ringbearer Security Briefcase Has Just Arrived


Your Ringbearer Security Briefcase Has Just ArrivedMost brides don’t worry too much about the ringbearer at their wedding. Their job is fairly simple and it doesn’t require much planning.  The fairly simple part can be what leads to boredom on the part of the ringbearer, who is typically a small boy.

The majority of brides understand where the tradition of the ringbearer originates from. A young boy carries the rings on a pillow while walking down the aisle before presenting it to the couple. Believe it or not this custom goes as far back as the Ancient Egyptians.

The trend started in Victorian England and has now become custom in various cultures throughout the world.  Ringbearer might be the official designation now, but ringbearers were referred to as pageboy’s way back in England. Their role used to be more load heavy as well. They were responsible for carrying the bride’s train, along with a book of prayer on top of carrying the rings.

The ringbearers attire was distinct as they would sport a white lace collar along with a sash. These days they wear a tuxedo just like the groom and his groomsmen.

So why are we giving you this short history lesson? Well we feel the role of the ringbearer is in need of a change in order to make it more fun. The ringbearer will become bored with the process because their role is so limited.

One way to protect against this is to make things more exciting for the ringbearer and these days one of the most popular trends is that of “RingBearer Security”.

Ringbearer Security is more of a character than a serious designation. It’s meant for them to have fun with it and feel more engaged with the wedding than just waiting for their moment.

Ringbearer security involves carrying a designated briefcase with the title “Ring Security” on it. You might have seen these around and not given them much thought. The idea of having your ringbearer carry such a briefcase might not be something you’ve thought about, but it can add a nice sense of comic relief to your wedding on top of providing other benefits.  Let’s get into some of them:


Can be considered one of the perfect accessories to hold and protect your wedding bands

Your ringbearer typically won’t be handling the rings until the time comes to actually carry it down the aisle and present it to you.  In the meantime even they would become a little anxious to get going. What better way to make their role more pronounced than having the ringbearer security briefcase concealing and protecting the rings?

This way they’d be able to carry it around at all times and you’d be surprised at how much of an attractive accessory this is for them. It provides a feeling of importance and even instills a sense of pride, because everyone will see them with it.

The ringbearer will cherish the security briefcase

If you want your ringbearer to have what would be considered a keepsake that just plain adorable, then it’s hard to go wrong with the security briefcase.  Understand that these may look very simple on the low end, but the alterations can be made to them in order to provide even more of a cute look.


The case is just right for those will small hands and will create a fun impression on attendees

Getting the ringbearer involved before the wedding is important in order for them to truly feel like they’re apart of the experience. Yes, their role is important, but it’s the waiting part that’s usually not fun.

With the ringbearer security briefcase guests are going to notice right away and this is going to create lots of opportunities for them to interact, ask fun questions and just have a good time. Your ringbearer will have more fun memories that will make them not forget this day ever.


Think of the opportunities for photos having a ringbearer carrying a security briefcase is going to provide

Did you know that not only can your ringbearer have one of these briefcases, but they can also get completely into character. This involves wearing special dark shades similar to what you would see a special agent wear and having on what looks to be ear pieces with the attachments.

The briefcase provides a look that makes everything come together and this would provide some of the most amazing opportunities for pictures you could imagine. Guests will wants to take as many pictures as they can and all of this is going to make your ringbearer feel extra valued and special.

Is a good addition to any wedding accessories you already have

If there were ever a wedding accessory that could be considered a must have, a ring security briefcase for the ringbearer would be one of them. Not only does it provide a fun look, but it also does a good job of providing superior protection for your treasured wedding rings. It will provide a sense of reassurance and peace of mind as you complete getting ready for your big day.

Depending on where you get them they will come with extras. For instance, some will come with coloring books for extra entertainment. Some come with personalized ID badges and sunglasses to complete the special agent look. There are pillows inside in order to provide just the right amount of protecting as well.

The special little guy (or girl) you choose to be your ringbearer will certainly want to feel like as important as their role is, they can have a little fun with it. Getting the ringbearer security briefcase is one of the best ways to ensure this. Not only will they feel more important, but it will be a good way to make sure your wedding rings will be kept safe and make it down the aisle in fun fashion.chicago wedding ring bearer

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