Things You Never knew About Wedding Reception Music

The music that gets played at your wedding reception might not seem like a big deal at first. As long as there are a few slow songs both you and your partner like, then everything should be good right? You’ll add a few faster songs later in order to get guests up and dancing, but besides from this you won’t really pay this any additional thought.

wedding reception music tips


Here’s the thing though, wedding reception music should be given a lot more consideration than what most people give it. It’s easy to get caught up in the other aspects of a wedding, but the music that gets played during your reception is critical. We’re not going to focus on that here entirely. What we instead want to focus on are certain things regarding wedding reception music most people aren’t aware of.

Why is this important? Well it’s going to help you to not only be more informed, but you’ll hopefully have more of an understanding as to how to go about doing things.

The right music can lead to great picture taking opportunities

Your photographer is in charge of taking the right pictures at the right time. Well when you’re dancing at your wedding reception, they’ll have to be especially good at what they do. The wrong wedding reception music can make things difficult though.

Odds are that the couple has certain songs that they vibe to and when they play, then everything else and everyone else around them is forgotten. It’s a great opportunity to capture a picture of the couple that’s going to capture the true essence of the relationship. This goes for the first dance as well as later on when more upbeat music is being played.

Upbeat wedding reception music can create funny moments

Think about it for a second, when you went to something like prom and everyone was so well dressed you have to imagine that it looked funny to see them doing something like the Macarena right? It was fun and it was silly, but the formal tone of everyone’s clothing made for some amusing sights.

A wedding day can be so stressful and serious at times that being able to unload with the right upbeat music is important. The bride and the groom will have taken so much time putting themselves together, that at the end it’s time to unwind, to forget about worrying about the cloths they have on and just let loose.

There is no such thing as the right wedding music or the wrong wedding music

Who says that you have to play something slow and sappy during your first dance? Who says that you have to play song by popular artists or songs with a certain theme to them? At the end of the day you have to remember that there’s no such thing as traditional wedding music. You don’t have to feel stuck with anything.

Your wedding reception is a time to party and to celebrate. There are no rules that state you have to play a certain type of music, especially if you know that this music is something that you and your spouse never really listen to in the first place.

Songs that go on too long can really hurt the overall energy

Have you ever noticed that songs that last a short time tend to be good songs most of the time? Some of the most popular songs in history tend to be on the shorter side. Really long songs usually have long instrumental portions to them and take too long to begin. It can kill the mood really fast.

What you want is to be able to find a nice mix. You want songs that create the energy that you want, but aren’t going to drag out for too long.  In most cases if you do like a song that’s longer there’s a shorter version of it available. Take Spandau Ballet’s song “True” for example. The original is really long, but the radio version is much shorter and the shorter version would likely capture the moment versus the longer version that has extended instrumental parts.

Louder music ignites guests as the reception progresses

The actual wedding can be really energetically draining. By the time you get to the reception you’re ready to get some food in you in order to get reenergized. Now that you’ve gotten your energy back you want to burn some of those calories by getting on the dance floor.

There’s one important thing that most people don’t know in this regard and that’s that louder music tends to get people moving more versus quieter music. You can begin with quieter music, but as people start to get up out of their seats the louder music tend s to really fuel people.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to play grunge rock or anything, but think about having on louder music as the reception moved forwards.  If you think back far enough you probably remember more than one time where you heard your favorite song on the radio and what was the first thing you thought “ I need to go crank this up”. It was the same song, but you enjoyed it at a higher volume. It just provides a boost of energy.

Songs with dirty lyrics just won’t play well at a wedding

No matter how popular the song or when you decide to play it, it’s never a good idea to play a song that has swearing or explicit lyrics in it. At a wedding, no matter what type of wedding it is, it just wouldn’t be a good look. If you decide that you absolutely want to play a certain song at your wedding, then you can be absolutely sure that there’s a clean version of it available.

Sure, the cleaner version might not be as good as the explicit version. It can be like eating meatless meatballs in some cases, but it’s still a good idea to go with the clean version.


Now we know that some of these are obvious and they may not exactly come off as things you never knew, but they are still important to keep in mind nonetheless. If you don’t take away anything from this then take away this, your wedding reception music is going to serve to enhance memories. It’s going to be linked to you as a couple until death do you part hopefully. So you want to inform yourself as best as you can and make sure things are carried out the right way. Not only will your memories be enhanced, but so will the memories in the minds of your guests.



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