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All the useful stages of wedding preparations found here ;)


Have fun and call Astoria Banquets to help you in planning!!!

Here is a great article with photos and descriptions of how-to’s for celebrity inspired wedding makeup.




Check out this Facebook post.


FAQ:  Do I have to make a seating chart for my wedding reception?

What makes winter weddings in Chicago beautiful?

Setting a budget for a wedding reception and ceremony often means finding a balance between fantasy and reality.  There may be a long list of luxuries a bride dreams of for this important day: fresh flowers, hand-crafted invitations, a custom-made gown, designer shoes, ice-sculptures and satin floor length tablecloths. And if money is no object, why not turn your dream into a reality.  But if budget matters, and for most couples it does. Here are some thoughts on how to strike a balance between I want and I can do. Read more

There’s nothing better than that perfect moment at a wedding when everything comes together.

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