Cute Ways To Make Pets A Part Of The Big Day

Cute Ways To Make Pets A Part Of The Big Day

A wedding is a big day for everyone involved, but the most emotional energy is going to be received and exuded by the bride and groom. This is certainly a good thing, but in order to ensure that the energy being exuded by the couple is what it should be, then everyone that couple values the most has to be included.

So how would it feel to either the bride or the groom if their pet couldn’t be a part of their big day? And people shouldn’t assume that the pet is automatically going to be a dog. It can be a cat in some cases. Pets are such an integral part of so many people’s lives. They provide companionship, comfort and a sense of unconditional love.
Pets A Part Of The Big Day

Heck, the pet a person has might have been the companion that kept a person in high spirits while they were waiting for that special someone to show up. Now that this has happen and it’s the big day, why should the pet be left out of the equation?

Pets are so emotionally involved with their owners that the term “owner” is seen as being offensive when referring to themselves in regards to their pets. Pets are looked at as family and all the same feelings afforded a family member are extended to a pet. Including them in the wedding only makes sense.

So the question becomes exactly how should this be done? Is there a way to do it where it can be seen as cute and not over the top? A couple including pets on their big day in a way that will come off well is all about being creative. Here are a couple of creative, but simple ways to do this.


Create a special moment for a pose with a pet

A couple is going to be taking a lot of pictures on their wedding day. So creating a special moment where a pet would be included should be simple enough. It doesn’t matter if the pet was one a couple had together or one that belonged to just one of them before they met.

The key with this is to make sure the pet is presented in a way that keeps in line with the wedding aspect. Say for instance that there are certain colors to the bouquet of the bride. A reef made out of the same flowers with the same color scheme can be put together to be put around the neck of the pet.

This would make for a better pose and the pet would look adorable. There are even couples who take it a step further and dress up their pets in tuxedos or clothes that resemble the look of the bridesmaids, assuming the pet was female. This takes more work and the temperament of the pet would be important, but if done right it can create some amazing and memorable pictures.


Put pets in pictures for “Save the Date” cards

This one may be a little tricky, because there are going to be couples who prefer to keep things as formal as possible. However, including pets in photos for “save the date” cards would likely be well received by a lot wedding guests. Chances are there are lots of wedding guests that have pets and they cherish them.

Putting a cute picture of a pet on the “save the date” card would resonate well with these people. Not to mention that it will likely end up being a keepsake in a lot of cases. The picture used doesn’t have to be anything over the top. It can be kept simple and just emphasize how much the couple appreciates and loves their pet/s.


Consider dressing a pet up

This was mentioned earlier, but some couple dress their pets up for their wedding day in order to truly look like they’re a part of it. There are lots of businesses that can create a wedding day outfit for a dog or even a cat. Dressing a pet up is something that would matter to the couple that truly wants to make sure that on their big day their pet is made to feel special and included.

The only trick with this is going to be making sure the outfit stayed clean, getting them into it and making sure that it wasn’t creating any discomfort for the pet. People who go this route usually take measures in advance in order to ensure the pets comfort and they have a backup plan should an accident happen.


Include the pets paw in the wedding band picture photo

The bridegroom typically has a moment where they take a picture of their hands in order to show off their wedding bands. It’s designed to be a very intimate moment, but this doesn’t mean a pet couldn’t be included. Instead of it being just two hands, it can be two hands and a paw in the photo.

Separate photos could be taken of course, one that’s just the bridegroom and the other that includes the paws of the couples pet resting on top of either their hands or their wrists.


Although a couple including a pet on their big day will certainly add a unique element, there are still some potential issues that will need to be carefully considered in order to successfully pull it off. The main thing would be making sure that guests with pet allergies knew what to expect and that things were setup in a way where there would be no issues.

Next would be the behavior of the pet itself, whether it is a dog, cat or something else. They have to be well behaved enough as to ensure that they won’t create unneeded stress or worries on a day that’s already going to be a tsunami of emotions. For people who truly love their pets and are determined to include them, they’ll find ways to work out any potential concerns.


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